Louvre & Orsay

Discover the two world's most famous museums in Paris with a passionate, knowledgeable and fully licensed tour guide. First step into a world full of masterpieces from antiquity to 19th century from the Greek department to the French large format canvas of Delacroix and Gericault. Your guide will also reveal all the secrets and mysteries of the icon of the Louvre, La Mona Lisa as well as the historical  and artistic background of other significant  artworks such as Victory of Milo or the Slave of Michelangelo. Continue this chronological journey of the evolution in Art History with the Orsay museum, home to the art of the second half of the 19th century. This exciting and daring period gave birth to several innovative movements. Impressionism was one of them and the Orsay museum hosts the world's most complete collection of paintings by Monet, Manet, Berthe Morisot, Pissarro, Renoir as well as Post-impressionism. Learn about the life and work of some leading figures including Cezanne and Van Gogh whose colourful and modern canvas meant a huge inspiration for the next generation and an artistic revolution.


Enjoy 2h guided tour in the Louvre

1.5h tour in the Orsay Museum

Admire the evolution of art history

Discover the masterpieces of the louvre 

See the world's largest impressionist collection


Tour with certified guide

Avoid long lines with direct access to both museums

The perfect introduction for first-time visitors

Expert, fully accredited English-speaking tour guide

Limited groups of only 6 people

Private tour under request


Entrance ticket to the Louvre


Entrance ticket to Orsay



Equestrian statue of Louis XIV located in front of the pyramid