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Our years as educators in various museums have shown us that children are eager to discover and discuss works of art. They may not know it at first, but once exposed to them, they become enthusiastic and questions arise. The visits are designed to help young people  to explore and discover the treasures of the most amazing parisian museums. We will take them on a historical journey starting with the birth of writing in Mesopotamia to contemporary art.  The goal is to bring back to life a specific civilization, historical background and artistic movements  by telling the story and anecdotes behind the works of art and its artists.

To encourage them to explore, we have developed interactive, rich in knowledge and playful activities aimed at children between 5 and 11 years of age and carried out by official tourist guides.  To ensure they get the most out of the visit,  we keep our group sizes small, up to six children maximum.

This visit is child-centred and should preferably take place among their own peers to enhace freedom of expression, full enjoyment and erase intimidation. They will be among the best professional guides and educators while the parents enjoy a few hours of freedom. At the end of the visit, we are sure that your children will share their experiences and knowledge after two memorable hours.


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