Impressionism Orsay children

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Most children have seen pictures of Monet, Van Gogh or Degas and they are very receptive to them since they don't need a previous artistic or historical knowledge to understand them. A landscape, a female dancer or even a turkey painted with lively colours won't evoque any rejection in their minds and spirits. However they will be surprised to know that most of them were scandals and that the artists themselves were called 'crazy'.  Children will discover the birth of an exceptional generation of painters in favour of the spectacle of modern life. 


2 hours tour with a passionate, fully accredited local guide

History of the Orsay Museum

Major highlights of the world’s greatest collection of Impressionist paintings


Small group of only 6 children max

Booklet for activities

Entrance ticket for under 18 years old


Elephant sculpture located outside the museum


a pencil for activities

Entrance ticket 14€ (if adult accompanies the child) + book a place