Montmartre, an artistic district

Let's have a walk through the most colorful, artistic and animated of the parisian neighbourhoods. Its origins take us to roman times where temples dedicated to Mercury and Mars were built. This is how the hill turned into a religious site increasing its status even more with the martyr of Saint Denis, patron and first bishop of Paris. This created a popular and important pilgrimage. Significant figures such as Thomas Becket, Joan of Arc and Ignacio de Loyola climbed up the hill to pray in such miraculous lands. We have to imagine that the hill was once covered with windmills, convents and vineyards only two  surviving today. During the 19th century artists made it their home where they found inspiration but also a cheaper rent. Outside the city limits, wine was also exempt from taxes turning this area into a bohemian hive. Cabarets, guinguettes and cafés attracted rich and poor, aristocrats, artists and intellectuals, some experienced a revolutionary and sexy dance while others found inspiration for their canvas. They revolutionized art history by introducing modernity and scandals.


Enjoy a 2-hour guided tour 

Find out about the history of this hill

Learn about the Moulin Rouge and other cabarets

Discover the home of Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh

Learn about the birth of modern art at the Square Emile Goudeau

Discover 'la place de Tertre" epicenter of today's painters

Reach the Basilica of 'Sacre Coeur' for some of the best views in Paris


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