Orsay museum

After the Louvre, you must visit the Orsay museum where passionate and brave artists turned the page. Manet, Courbet, Couture, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh among others lived in a changed world. Politically  speaking the 19th century was chaotic but in the arts, a revolution. Explosion of colors, daily life subjects, innovative techniques were extravagant and considered as pure ugliness. Misunderstood, attacked, despised, ignored, impressionists, in the mind of the general public, are generally regarded as cursed, belatedly recognized painters. The salon, which remains a legacy of the old regime, was the only or almost the only possibility for an artist to make himself known, find buyers and thus earn a living from his work. Unfortunately artists could only accessed with the agreement of a jury formed by members of the academy who didn't understand this new art and often rejected it. Join in and get to know why  works of art were rejected by the official academy,  why artists introduced something completely new and the reaction of the hypocritical 19th century society. What a time!


Enjoy a 2 hours with a passionate, fully accredited local guide

History of the Orsay Museum

Main art trends in the XIX century

School of Barbizon, Realism, Impressionism

Life and work of artists such as Monet, Renoir, Courbet, Van Gogh

Major highlights of the world’s greatest collection of Impressionist paintings


Semi privated guided visit 

Limited groups of only 6 people

Perfect introduction for first-time visitors


Entrance ticket only adults - free for people under 18 years old 



Elephant sculpture located outside the museum