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Visiting a museum in the traditional way remains a marvelous experience for some and just a dream for others. Technology today has given the possibility to many to enjoy works of art  from around the world in the comfort of your own home.  In order to keep culture alive when travel plans are on hold, we have developed distance and virtual art lessons focused on families with children.

Paris in Tour has thus created online tours called ‘Tell the story behind a piece of artwork”.  This new adventure is interactive, knowledgeable and tailor made for all ages carried out by a licensed tour guides. Through games and ludic activities you will know the artist, the history and anecdotes hidden behind the most famous masterpieces exhibited in the most popular  parisian museums. 

The lesson is hosted "live" and you can participate through the video. The duration is 60 minutes. The hour is based on parisian time. You can check what hour will that be in your time zone here:

Virtual Tour

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