Louvre's masterpieces

With more than eight centuries of history, the Louvre Palace continues surprising us.  A Medieval Fortress, a Renaissance Palace and since the 18th century a museum, this political and artistic place has attracted kings and presidents who have embellished it to make even more oustanding. Events have also marked its history. During this visit you will know everything about its medieval period, its days after the French Revolution becoming the artistical epicenter in Paris. Did you miss the opportunity to see the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles? Don't worry, you will be able to admire 'The gallery of Apollo' which is nothing less than the first essay of a gallery comissioned by Louis XIV. The immense beauty of its painting  and its antiquity collections will just take your breath away as well as the mystery surrounding La Mona Lisa. Being the world's most visited museum, millions of people come here every year in order to explore and discover its many masterpieces.


Enjoy a 2 hours fully guided tour

Accompanied by a certified and passionate local guide

Skip the line access takes you straight into the museum

See the major highlights – Venus of Milo, Winged Victory,

Mona Lisa, Liberty guiding the people and many more


Guided tour of the Louvre

Electronic headphones to clearly listen to your guide

Limited groups of only 6 people or less


Entrance tickets. Below the link to buy them (free under 18 years old)



Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV located in front of the pyramid


If you want to spend more hours in the museum

If your group counts more than 6 participants